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Artwork >> Martijn Limburg >> View on Veghel

Artwork >> Martijn Limburg >> View on Veghel

"View on Veghel"
Martijn Limburg
Acryl on Canvas - 45 Inches x 35 Inches
After many considerations and doubts, it became finally clear. Finally al puzzle pieces did fit together. A railroad from the past, brutally truncated and intersected by a newly constructed road. The gates are still recognizable. The railroad house in the foreground was converted into a family house. An almost leaning building, against the original construction, gives this house a good yellowish body. When my parents saw this picture, my father Han Limburg came up with a nice story: During the 2nd world war, his father Jilles , my grandfather indeed, has been captured by the Germans, and placed on transport to be a forced worker in the German war industry. While waiting for the train that never arrived due to air strikes from the allies, he got the change to flew. After day's of walking he reached his family and house in Bloemendaal. I would never have thought about it, but my father told me, it happens to be the former railroad I have been painted here, and the location of the station where he has been waiting has been on exact this spot.

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ICE Queen
Ice Queen is an epic piece. I loved it.
(Karie, 2 February 2016)
Thumbs up
Thumbs up to you on this. Great idea to paint. I think you have done an excellent job.
(Cherry, 10 January 2016)
Ice Queen
Ice Queen is a great piece of work. You have done great on it.
(Nicci, 28 December 2015)
Love this. Wonderful work.
(Jess, 25 November 2015)
Awesome and amazing
This is awesome and amazing work. You can really do some great art.
(Dean, 22 November 2015)
Amazing and great
Great work. Amazing work. Great job.
(Jada, 20 November 2015)
This is such groovy work. I really dig it.
(Bella, 30 October 2015)
Beautiful work
Beautiful work. I am very proud of what you have done.
(Susan Grant, 13 October 2015)
goede tip
Wat een professionele site, wow. Ik zal je van de week een paar foto's sturen met afbeeldingen van mijn schilderijen. Zeer interessant werk van jouw. Heeft wat weg van degas en matisse in begin periode. groet arnold
(arnold van der meij, 21 May 2006)
Heej Martijn, we hebben je site gezien en het ziet er mooi uit! Je hebt het in de vingers. Ga zo door, dan kun je nog eens een expositie houden. Gr Lenie en Corné...
(Lenie en Corné, 14 April 2006)
La bella Toscana
Ha Martijn, Het ziet er fantastisch uit!! Vooral La bella Toscana. Ik geloof dat we toch nog iets van je kunnen leren!! Groetjes Wendy (van de cursus)!!
(Wendy, 23 March 2006)
danse de Ans
Martijn, Dit werk is prachtig geworden. Compliment! Groetjes Truce
(Truce van de Vorle, 17 March 2006)

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