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Artwork >> Tatiana Chaumont >> Gaokourma

Artwork >> Tatiana Chaumont >> Gaokourma

Tatiana Chaumont
acrylic. pastel. `feutre` on canvas - 26 Inches x 39 Inches
Today. I am working to achieve a pictorial tale questioning the wandering of an androgynous figure in a utopian world. I invented an island in the southern Pacific Ocean. the most isolated land mass of any place. I created a mythology referring to the myths of the world. incorporates the hybrid and the parallels between the religions. I Recycle spaces and landscapes in my naive and surreal compositions.

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Artworks Styles : Original Painting
Artworks Topics : Canvass
Artworks Media : Painting On Canvas - Watercolor
Artworks added the : Added May 14 2013