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Artwork >> Trevor R Plummer >> ANCIENT SCULPTURE Trevor R Plummer

Artwork >> Trevor R Plummer >> ANCIENT SCULPTURE Trevor R Plummer

Trevor R Plummer
Mixed Media - 31 Inches x 36 Inches
The sculpture is fully framed.
The frame is made from aluminium, standing upright, with four teak wheels.
Set to the sculpture head
a rough moon diamond, one of the rarest diamonds in the world
Material carbon dated 14 billion years old.
The sculpture is live, organic - naturally fully formed, in the image of a head.
Added to link chains, 32 miniature brass padlocks, 125 keys, semi-precious and precious stones, crystals, emeralds, diamonds, solid silver coins, and other materials. Size: Height 92cm Width 78 cm Depth 7cm. The first sculpture of its type to go on exhibition worldwide.
A certificate of originality is issued with the artists work to guarantee proof of authenticity.
Quantum can be displayed standing upright, if preferred, hung on the wall, with reinforced metal chain, attached.
The sculpture is recorded the no.1 oldest in the world.
Generating a high level of interest.
Due to the category of the sculpture, it had several valuations.
Estimated from £93 million, highest estimation £100 million pounds.
British artist, TREVOR R PLUMMER featured by Royal Approval with Her Majesty the Queen, Duke and Duchess of Cambridge: Best Picture profile.
The first artist, in the world, to produce the No.1 Oldest Sculpture with material dated 14 billion years old.
Terms & Conditions for Delivery
Free Postage and Packing. Urgent delivery can be sent upon request, within 24 hours, providing the buyer is willing to pay the despatch cost.
Your art or sculpture will be carefully packed in a sealed consignment , fully insured with a security tracking number to verify, if there is any delay, where your package is likely to be at any given time.
The art sculpture is for sale at $156 MILLION. 5% of the artists work donated to the charity Unicef.

156000000 US$

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