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Artwork >> Andrea Chiarabini >> Only a Tour - Collez.Privata Urbino

Artwork >> Andrea Chiarabini >> Only a Tour - Collez.Privata Urbino

"Only a Tour - Collez.Privata Urbino"
Andrea Chiarabini
Stone sculpture of Montefeltro
One ride
During the beating of wings of mistakes humans make mistakes.
In the journey progresses it and try not to perpetuate the most mistakes made in the past.
All this does not count in history.
All the mistakes committed in the past are remembered and die with the people.
One thing only live while he lives the last
person who remembers it.
It s more important to trust the memory of history.
Memory as the fire is radiant and immutable while history serves only to those who strive to controllarla.A those who would settle the dangerous fire of verità.Attenti to these men because they are dangerous and reckless. Their false history is written with the blood of those who could remember and those who seek the truth.
And this is why there will always be wars, until the man will join the absolute, in that instant, there will be no past, present or future, but only absolute knowledge ... / ...

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 Andrea da Montefeltro a New York   Estratto dalla Rivista OverArt Gennaio-febbraio 2013 Sezione Artisti a New York

Artworks Media : Carving - Stone - Sculpture
Sizes : 15 - 20 Inches
Prices : 2500 To 3500 Usd