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Artwork >> Francesco M O Aramu Pittore >> RaQaMa5 , so i was born anch'io

Artwork >> Francesco M O Aramu Pittore >> RaQaMa5 , so i was born anch'io

"RaQaMa5 , so i was born anch'io"
Francesco M O Aramu Pittore
brush and palette knife techniques mixte - 20 Inches x 20 Inches
. . . the story begins just beyond forte cappellini , when Aramu , that then had about six years , in tow of the father commander by a squad of sailors at defense dell'Italia the neighbor across corsica , the threshold of wwii , he came across strange rocks quarries and monoliths that fascinate and i frighten .
. . . Finds the his " with who " , 60 years later into earth gallura , reads the signs on granite , draws them and there paints . Start a path of archaeological study that lasts over 12 years
his painting it is enriched , at the limit dell'astrazione painterly . for aramu could not suffice paint its basins , it enhances their particular , theshard . L'opera that derives yes " conceptualizes " , the shapes designed and painted live its own life . . . Aramu passed as a magnifying glass before and under the microscope then , at " see " the meatus of skin granitic up at last internal structure , with perpetual motion of matter atomized . . . . . Since the electrons game round the their nucleus until motorcycle of the planets round the sun and of these round the center the galactic
so the painting— Aramu makes itself cosmic , it is universal in its skills of ri-presentare l'energia dell'universo .
. . Aramu self it becomes part of the picture , in a process of total identification l'Artista you i put your portrait integrating with representative symbols dell'opera , carried by the flow of those energies become uncontrollable since its will .
With great aramu expressive maturity uses a technique divisionistica revised and harmonized to it ended communicational antillian its operas . Chromaticism and tonal , calibrated on cool tones , on the sensitive register of blues , of pink and purples . The rhythms dynamic but always ordered , as submitted at ironclad read , those of perhaps physical
the spaces now shaking now dilate by creating flows engines that hypnotize the look projecting us into the dimension dell'inconosciuto and mystery .
A mystery unfathomable . The mystery of life .
Trait from “ Raqama , the a long time on granito” 2000 published by charles Dolphin
franco migliaccio
" RAQAMA , the a long time on granite "
The lyrics are in italian and english

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