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Artwork >> Maia Oprea >> Edo Horse

Artwork >> Maia Oprea >> Edo Horse

"Edo Horse"
Maia Oprea
mixed on canvas - 39 Inches x 28 Inches
A painting realised in my american period, when I was very far away from 'home'. This painting puts in relation two very different subjects: firstly an image of a horse and secondly an american natural panorama of a forest island surrounded by a river. The contrast also comes from the juxtaposition of very unsimilar ways of treating these two combined motives, the line duct of the horse ressembling to the images typical of the asian Edo period, and the landscape being realised in a sturdy realistic way. The beads creating the dragon-horse contour almost give the sense of a person running, running between continents, between worlds, losing its temporal and spacial origins.

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