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Artwork >> Philhelm Philhelm >> M91 – FEMININE CHARIOTEER WITH HORSE-BIRD AND MINOTAUR- 2008

Artwork >> Philhelm Philhelm >> M91 – FEMININE CHARIOTEER WITH HORSE-BIRD AND MINOTAUR- 2008

Philhelm Philhelm
Acrylic on canvas - 33 Inches x 59 Inches
Acrylic on canvas 85 x 150 cm or 33,4 x 59 inches.
MINOAN \ (Text translated by Google) We discover a female charioteer holding in his left hand the monogram Philhelm, a horse-female bird is held stationary, the right shoe on a heart-shaped symbol, certainly a stylized leaf of a plant on the island which is also part of the first Minoan hieroglyphic writing. Facing a minotaur happens in the race, though embarrassed by the presence of a quarrelsome dog, especially as the readiness of our anthropomorphic seems relatively peaceful, with its large flower offering! Besides the dog, the signing of Philhelm in Linear A. In the sky, and increasing amounts of circles that have been found by the hundreds at archaeological sites of the island. They could represent either waves or the stars? A bird in flight and a central star complete the scene! As with other paintings in the series Minoan all symbols used, except with monogram, stamp-seals from Crete dating back over 4000 years protopalatiale period for 3,200 years and older, post-palatial Mycenaean period or for more lately!
Charioteer: ancient charioteer
Minotaur (Minôtauros) fabulous monster to a human body and bull's head, even simplified his story deserves to be remembered! Poseidon offered a magnificent white bull to King Minos for he sacrificed in his honor. The king, finding the bull too beautiful, forgot his promise! Pasiphae, the wife of the king, in a "love" out of control with this beautiful creature, the father of the Minotaur, whose real name Astérios. Shame, Minos confined in the labyrinth. Athens conquered by Minos was delivered each year fourteen young people as fodder for the monster, but mandated by the Greeks, Theseus arrived on the island of Crete and managed to kill the "beast" with the complicity love of Ariadne, the daughter of King, he had succeeded in seducing and he abandoned after he left, however, on a beach, and all for the greatest happiness of Poseidon, who married her and gave her several children!
Linear A: At the beginning of their civilization, the Cretans used a hieroglyphic form of writing, then made her move in pictographic who gave birth in Linear A, 70 syllabic signs and ideograms around 164, which are indecipherable so far by the that the language that was used is unknown. By cons, we know the letters phonetically most common, which allowed the inclusion of Philhelm in Linear A in a red cartridge: Read from bottom to top, the first letter "P" is written with a bull's horns again recognizable !

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