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Artwork >> Guy Gresser >> Charmay - the roses

Artwork >> Guy Gresser >> Charmay - the roses

"Charmay - the roses"
Guy Gresser
watercolour digital - 12 Inches x 16 Inches
Workart esquisée on site then reworked aletier with the chart table .
A work digitalis is automatiqement a reproduction , because l'originale lies on the disc hard l'ordi .

Print 50 US$

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you make great paintings, digital.. or real, but it is amazing..
cristalin, it is, a great digitale ore painting, it is pain, we all go true it, at the time, and feel it, I like your art very much... it is deeph.. Conny but it also say, not me... not oh not me,,, you got a gift.
(conny, 22 May 2008)

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