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Artwork >> Kiddolucas Pallete >> Maiden From Lorraine * 2009

Artwork >> Kiddolucas Pallete >> Maiden From Lorraine * 2009

"Maiden From Lorraine * 2009"
Kiddolucas Pallete
Joan of Arc ( "Maiden from Lorraine " ) and her soldiers reach Orléans on 29 April 1429 The city has been besieged for seven months by the English, holding various fortified positions around the town
Joan's presence among the French troops - armed like a man, fighting at least as bravely as a man, famous already as possessing special powers - proves as demoralizing to the English as it is exhilarating for the French
One by one the English positions fall ... their army is in full retreat from Orléans. They withdraw to three other towns on the Loire, where they await reinforcements
The French have driven the English from one of the three towns when reinforcements arrive in mid-June - 5000 men under the command of Sir John Fastolf With Joan's encouragement (and the advantage of a larger army) the French overwhelm this English force at Patay
A Lady made of Bronze...Silver...& Gold Strenght...yet full of Divine Prophesy
* Maiden From Lorraine ( 2009 )...by Kiddolucaslee * Worldwidewatch

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Artworks Media : Acrylic - Digital - Gouache - Graphite - Mixed - Mixed Technique
Sizes : 35 - 40 Inches