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Artwork >> Julianne Richards >> "The Tree House'

Artwork >> Julianne Richards >>

""The Tree House'"
Julianne Richards
Acrylic with UV potected gloss varnish on Quality "Montval" canvas pad - 15 Inches x 17 Inches
When I was in second grade,
we managed to build an elevated "tree house"-which became, for the local girls in our mostly boy dominated neighborhood, a sanctuary of magical proportions. We could see all three streets and where they came together-from our secret meeting place, and it served us well. Until, like all good things, they (the local boy bullies) discovered it and it came to an end...but for that wonderful and scary innocent time in our lives, it was our mansion, a FORT, our REFUGE.

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 "the Colorspeaker"   Met you in the balcony of a theater, down on your wounded knee. You had a suitcase full of memories, and poems about Angels that you knew, could see. We were the tragedy of the "hipsters" gone wrong, wild orphans ,carried by the wind, IN that final hour, if it should arrive, COME FIND ME. j.richards 1999 (my last recorded song)