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Artwork >> Luc Mouillere >> christmas night

Artwork >> Luc Mouillere >> christmas night

"christmas night"
Luc Mouillere
cavnas oil - 8 Inches x 16 Inches
Nights of christmas
He is nights of big sky all united yellow ,
Full of long ultramarine blue wire
And of extensive fixtures filled with large flashes
White which , in strength d’amour , transformed each sign of life .
He is nights of poor sky yellow betrayed the people ,
Full of long processions blue Prussia acerbic
And of garnet chains that twist hard their flesh
Humiliating cemetery where every to be n’est more than cry .
He is nights long waits where emboldened
Men and women whole ride high , away from the earth
And from craters of war and of anger find the peace
In l’éclat of light d’une banner brandished .
He is nights of great stupor or even yellowed ,
Aged , waste , the hands themselves the wind with a l’annulaire
L’alliance sacred loves alive the joy daily
Of discovery from there god's creation of this love d’Ami .
He is nights of great quietude or even cursed ,
Rejected , poor people find the strength d’annoncer a new era ,
Singing uphill so , at l’étrange flavor , deep tenderness
And there warmth dice l’âme irradiated d’amour . Everything is said .

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