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Artwork >> Wasan Khurshid Khattak >> Extortion

Artwork >> Wasan Khurshid Khattak >> Extortion

Wasan Khurshid Khattak
Surrealistic Sculpture - 36 Inches x 56 Inches

3500 US$

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Producing Great Art Works!
A Pakistani artist, who has really managed to show his talent before the rest of the world with a great gesture! He seems to be maintaining all the formats of making art works or the paintings perfectly. Once you will move for his art gallery you can easily understand that feel and the touch that have been added for these art works. These are the m.../...
(Maureen Townes Wilhelm - Art Critic, 14 February 2011)
Hello people, Hope u will agree with me that our dear Friend is a talented personality? I am here wishing him great Success in his Works and leaving behind a comment that he should please LINK HIS WORKS TO AFRICA. Why??? Because in Africa we love Nature and we live by it. Our Land, Our People , The Animals and almost everything u can think of Virt.../...
(HADEEZAH, 9 February 2007)
Hi Wasan I have vesited You site I liked it kip on going this way
Hi Wasan ! My name is Yefim Shestik and I am Fine artist too I have vesited You site I liked it kip on going this way ! Best regards Yefim
(YeFim Shestik, 20 January 2007)