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Artwork >> Kristin Abraham >> My Own Private Idaho

Artwork >> Kristin Abraham >> My Own Private Idaho

"My Own Private Idaho"
Kristin Abraham
acrylic on canvas - 24 Inches x 30 Inches
Idaho is full of hidden wonders that are ready and waiting to be explored. One of these wonders is Sawtooth National Rec. Area, where Alfonso and I spent several beautiful days. We set up our tent in a bed of flowers and explored the swollen river close by. It was a gentle, yet exciting experience.
The Idaho painting is derived from an actual house in Idaho. With farmland as far as the eye can see, it is not uncommon to come across a lonely wooden structure, sagging into the soft earth. Most of these wooden houses are abandoned, yet remain on the property like a prized antique, full of character and history. I found myself filling the doorways with stories of the lives that once passed through them. And it became a mysterious and romantic tale of the land.
Almost equally as important as the aged architecture is the Idaho sky. With each day came another unique, and almost odd, sunset. It seemed that between lighting storms and sudden hail showers, the ever-changing world above became predictably unpredictable. One evening, pink rays fanned from the burning orange sun. Eight hours later, light cut through the veiling clouds and the ceiling grew dark and ominous. It seemed as if this sight was part of a limitless canvas, so the desire to illustrate this on a smaller scale became the inspiration for this “Idaho impression.”
Portland Art Center
View and purchase this painting at the Portland Art Center in
Downtown Portland, Oregon

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still following your work
Hello Kristin, I still pop in to check your work and its still amazing! Can't wait to see more. Looks like the Nomadic Project is going great. Christina Wilson
(Christina Wilson, 31 October 2006)
job well going
Wow! First of all I checked out your website months ago when I found out about your studio. I was really impressed by the work you've done. I have known for sometime the level of your talent and had expected to be impressed, but what truley amazes me is your zest and definate love for it. It is the greatest motivation possible, and ensures t.../...
(your cousin Matt Story, 18 January 2006)

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