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Artwork >> Pamela Jo Benet >> Water Blessings

Artwork >> Pamela Jo Benet >> Water Blessings

"Water Blessings"
Pamela Jo Benet
natural pigment painting canvas acrylic - 72 Inches x 60 Inches
fairy magi touching heaven and earth...rise above to peace with effortless ease...at one with true natural self

25000 US$

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Pamela, your Bisou Bisou Series is outstanding in every way...You have captured the essence of love and mystery on paper...these images are so real and absolutly captivating...Your inner beauty shines through these beautiful works of art....THANK YOu for sharing
(Pegi Smith, 1 April 2006)
Pamela's Paintings
Pamela, your work is so romantic and utterly inspiring...Thank You...Beautiful!!!!!
(Pegi E. Smith, 10 March 2006)
;)keep up the great work very spiritual
(susan, 8 March 2006)

 Artwork on recycled furniture...magic!   Pam Benet transforms used unwanted furniture into magical aditions to any space!

 Loosen Out Your Wings   Love Becoming who and what you are... Loosen out your wings...open to the flight...Awaken once again,it is your calling~ The air is thick with bird song...safe from eyes of judgement, you are your own wind Loosen out your wings...unravel the other way.

Artworks Media : Canvas - Charcoal - Giclee - Painting - Pastel - Print - Textured Painting - Wood