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Artwork >> Pegi E. Smith >> Native American Dreams

Artwork >> Pegi E. Smith >> Native American Dreams

"Native American Dreams"
Pegi E. Smith
Stoneware Spirit Mask - 12 Inches x 17 Inches
When creating a Spirit Mask, I feel a surge of energy running through me. Unlike my other creations which I believe to be an extension of my own emotions, the Spirit Masks seem to evoke spirits from ancient worlds.They come in waves, they come in dreams...

450 US$

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Wonderful work by Ms. Smith; i am impressed with the way she handles negative space.
(Alicia Mannix, 10 March 2006)
Spirit Masks
These truely are "spirit" masks. Each one speaks and sings an ancient song and I can only imagine what they are like in person. What an amazing portfolio, I love the Rose Works also. Thank you for your creations and sharing your gift in such a sacred way!
(Pamela Jo Benet, 10 March 2006)