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Artwork >> Mikhail Gubin >> DRAWING-COLLAGE XII

Artwork >> Mikhail Gubin >> DRAWING-COLLAGE XII

Mikhail Gubin
I join isolated fragments of slashed drawing into collage form - 17 Inches x 18 Inches
As I work on my collages, my thoughts return to my childhood.
There are white and square piece of paper on the table, the charcoal is in my hand.
But I cannot recall the delicious odors and sounds wafting from the kitchen, my mother’s domain.
Like all these things my mother is gone, too.
I am drawing diligently, paying attention to details.
In the next moment the charcoal in my hand is substitute by scissors.
I cruelly mangle freshly created, turning sharply defined lines into lace.
Again a snowy piece of paper is on the table.
The glue is replacing the scissors.
Arbitrary and intuitively I join isolated fragments (loose parts) of slashed drawing into something new.
This action is similar to the action of our memory – from fragments we are trying to reconstruct the past.

1200 US$

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Artworks Styles : Abstract Expressionism
Artworks Topics : Abstract
Artworks Media : Mixed
Prices : 1000 To 1500 Usd