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Artwork >> Jacques Fontan >> Bordeaux - Platform louis xviii

Artwork >> Jacques Fontan >> Bordeaux - Platform louis xviii

"Bordeaux - Platform louis xviii"
Jacques Fontan
Engraving copper
A real Artist , Jean-Louis stutter painted these docks . A photo of his table served to realize l'affiche d'une exposure . I said have calls l'autorisation d'en making a engraving . Granted . His death came , in tribute j'ai realized this burning well distance , alas , from there quality qu'elle would deserved . L'intention is the and i am quand-même proud d'avoir tried it .

100 US$

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your great work
I really liked your work! tom rep
(Tom Rep, 8 November 2007)
Tatiana E. Pouzanova-Galatch
Tatinana Galatch, undoubtedly you are a great artistess, please contact me ( aloushaamf@gmail.com ) I wait for your response...
(Aloush, 29 March 2007)
Hello from Tatiana :)
Dear Jacques!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! With me plesure I see yours work in ArtsCad............... Bravo!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! With love, Tania www.people.freenet.de/tatiana
(T.E.Pouzanova-Galatch, 30 November 2006)