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The Artworks of Victor Onyshchenko and 19/10/2017

Victor Onyshchenko - Obukhiv. The green lakeObukhiv. The green lakeVictor Onyshchenko

The lake formed on the place of a pit. The city Obukhov near Kiev.

Victor Onyshchenko - Evening in UkrainkaEvening in UkrainkaVictor Onyshchenko

Industrial landscape. Coast of Dnieper River. Settlement Ukrainka in the evening. Cases of thermal power plant and railroad.

Victor Onyshchenko - Blossoming ZadesenyeBlossoming ZadesenyeVictor Onyshchenko

The Desna River flows near the city of Chernihiv. If to pass to the coast, opposite to the city, - You appear in a nature bosom. There are a lot of lakes and the meadows stretching to the horizon. In the summer here herbs blossom, bees buzz, birds chirp.

Victor Onyshchenko - Over Dnieper RiverOver Dnieper RiverVictor Onyshchenko

Spring on the Dnieper banks. High hills on which pine trees grow. Shining blue water surface. There are such landscapes in Ukraine.

Victor Onyshchenko - Spring in TripolieSpring in TripolieVictor Onyshchenko

Tripolye - one of the places which are most impressed me in Ukraine. This settlement is located on high hills over Dnieper River. On slopes of hills there are houses with color roofs. Between them roads curl. Tripolye is pleasant to me at all seasons of the year. At this painting it is represented i...

Victor Onyshchenko - Winter on Kristers mountineWinter on Kristers mountineVictor Onyshchenko

Once, during the cold winter, I was taken out and found myself in picturesque places on the outskirts of Kiev. There, on a sunny day, children and aunts moved on sledges from

Victor Onyshchenko - Breath of springBreath of springVictor Onyshchenko

The nature wakens after winter. In the first warm days children play on the street, ride bikes. The city is built. Life reborn.

Victor Onyshchenko - On the Windy MountainsOn the Windy MountainsVictor Onyshchenko

Outskirts of the city of Kiev. Houses on the slopes of the hills.