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The Artworks of Tom Lund-Lack and 10/12/2015

Tom Lund-Lack - Spinnakers 2Spinnakers 2Tom Lund-Lack

This painting is in the Waterside Fine Art Gallery, 7 Waterside, Stratford-on- Avon, UK. The work captures evening light, lots of big yachts racing in a regatta across a calm sea in almost windless conditions although the full spinnakers suggest that a breeze has just picked up.The style using a mos...

Tom Lund-Lack - Oil Sketch Blue and Yellow JockeyOil Sketch Blue and Yellow JockeyTom Lund-Lack

Pace, colour & movement of racehorse and jockey are the subject of this oil on board.

Tom Lund-Lack - Running HareRunning HareTom Lund-Lack

The Hare, a part of British wildlife, rare generally but fairly common in East Anglia where I live.Speed and exceptional agility are potrayed in this piece.

Tom Lund-Lack - Fantasy of Lady LuckFantasy of Lady LuckTom Lund-Lack

A gentle satirical prod at the fantasies, dreams or delusions of an inveterate gambler is the aim of this piece. The photograph was taken before a resin coat was applied which will give it great optical depth but will make it an impossible thing to photo. The work combines, oil painting, collage and...