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The Artworks of Pasqui R and 11/7/2012

Pasqui R - Breaking and crumblingBreaking and crumblingPasqui R

From a photo I took, I wanted to capture the essence of a global perspective while remaining in detail and keep the first impression of what I liked in this regard on fragmentation shells in the sand

Pasqui R - View MorvanView MorvanPasqui R

Estimated Drouot auction proposed by its original selling price 11 April 2013 canvas.
Very good deal! One of my most beautiful paintings by his motive, his line, color and originality. When I paint what was a very intense and harmonious time by a beautiful summer afternoon that remains engraved...

Pasqui R - TrinidadTrinidadPasqui R

very nice work in an office or living room. It was exhibited in a teahouse with three of my paintings. I just lower the price of 1500 euros to 1250 euros password

Pasqui R - Loch CarronLoch CarronPasqui R

It is a lake 'Loch Carron' I know well, having painted many times by watercolor skies and light that alters the appearance of shapes and colors. This time I painted the lake oil highlighting the reflections of the mountains in the lake.

Pasqui R - Mother and children on the beachMother and children on the beachPasqui R

On a beach in Normandy, I walk with my camera. I noticed a woman and her two children, a small, isolated. Mother a little further contemplates the landscape, her other child very close to her static. This is a time of simple and vibrant life. The loneliness of each member of the family, both near an...