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The Artworks of Leonard Shane and 5/7/2006

Leonard Shane - Kids CyclingKids CyclingLeonard Shane

This painting, 'Kids Cycling', was great fun to do as I had a initial sense of where I wanted to go, but enjoyed its creation so very much because I let the medium and the brilliant acrylic colors dictate each stroke; I simply went along 'for the ride', so to speak. What amazes me about art is how ...

Leonard Shane - Bright Red FlowersBright Red FlowersLeonard Shane

This a large, alive, and very dynamic piece that brings any room to life. As much as I love the softness and delicate effects of working with watercolors, there's a side of me, the more wild side I'd say, that needs expression and while I exhibit that in many of my watercolor works, acrylics truly ...

Leonard Shane - The Sea Comes to LifeThe Sea Comes to LifeLeonard Shane

This painting ,'The Sea Comes Alive', is another instance where each brush stroke literally seem to dictate the next, much like doing a large quilt work, and in the end, even I as the artist, was captivated by what emerged, a powerful, very strong image with amazingly bright eye catching colors set ...

Leonard Shane - The Good LifeThe Good LifeLeonard Shane

I was totally captivated by how expressive watercolor allow me to be in this scene. I truly allowed the colors to flow freely and let the image almost take its own course. The result is a brightly colored semi abstract impressionism of the joys of the boater's life.

Leonard Shane - The Breaking SurfThe Breaking SurfLeonard Shane

This painting, 'The Breaking Surf', has a powerfulness to it and a strength which reflects the magnificence and grace behind the breaking waves on our West Coast of North America. My intention was to capture this sense of power on my canvas and by allowing myself to totally let the watercolors flow...

Leonard Shane - Tranquil CoveTranquil CoveLeonard Shane

This scene captures what West Coast boating means to me, quiet, tranquil moments surrounded by the magnificence of the ocean and tall towering forests of Douglas Fir trees.