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The Artworks of Leonard Shane and 15/8/2006

Leonard Shane - Vase of Dazzling ColorsVase of Dazzling ColorsLeonard Shane

Here I just wanted to work with free flowing bright colors that just illuminated the canvas. The effect is quite dazzling as the work is so alive and full of life. The background is almost a wash of sparkling colors merging and running together creating a wonderful balance to the very colorful arr...

Leonard Shane - Pussy CatPussy CatLeonard Shane

This was just a fun and playful use of colors to capture everyone's adorable little pussy cat in a semi-abstract form. It's actually quite a delightful little piece and seems to catch people's eye and amuse them as was my intention here.

Leonard Shane - Raging SeaRaging SeaLeonard Shane

I did this painting in 3 hours in an art class and came out of the session totally exhausted because I simply allowed the creation to just flow unimpeded and drag me along. The art paper seemed to literally have water flowing, never being allowed to dry for the whole 3 hour duration. In one hand w...