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The Artworks of Leonard Shane and 10/7/2006

Leonard Shane - Driftwood on the BeachDriftwood on the BeachLeonard Shane

This is a painting I love for it always recalls for me the sense of the tranquility and peacefullness of our West Coast ocean shorelines. The driftwood loosely strewn about the beachfront helps enhance that feeling of ruggedness as well. Watercolor was the medium I chose here as it has a delicaten...

Leonard Shane - Lonely SailboatLonely SailboatLeonard Shane

My intent here was to capture that sense of mystery and awe I eperience when I drive the highway to Whistler from Vancouver, B.C. This mountainous highway often has steep cliffsides overlooking the ocean below and many a time one can see a scene much like this with a lone sailboat sitting tranquill...

Leonard Shane - Red VaseRed VaseLeonard Shane

This painting was simply great fun to create as I got to work with the most vibrant of colors and exaggerated floral shapes to create a real eye catching piece. It literally fills a room and just draws your total attention to it. Sometimes a piece like this calls out to be created where the artist...