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The Artworks of Nathan Brusovani Bar and 25/9/2005

Nathan Brusovani (Bar) - A figure running through the digital forestA figure running through the digital forestNathan Brusovani (Bar)

This run in the forest or rather through the trees is an attempt either to break away from the environment or to melt into it.

Nathan Brusovani (Bar) - Human survival and sufferingHuman survival and sufferingNathan Brusovani (Bar)

This is an attempt to revise the photographer’s memory with the help of the digital art and return to the old negatives made 20 years ago in Magadan. This place is associated with the memory about GULAG camps, about survival, resistance and suffering of innocent victims.

Nathan Brusovani (Bar) - Figure in the mistFigure in the mistNathan Brusovani (Bar)

The combination of diverse elements, such as mist, a source of contrasting light, an empty street and a big figure in the foreground, create a feeling of timelessness, ambiguity and unreality of the image.

Nathan Brusovani (Bar) - Temporary dwellingTemporary dwellingNathan Brusovani (Bar)

The human dwelling is like a theater, like acting behind the misted windows with the temporary scenery on the background.

Nathan Brusovani (Bar) - Waiting for the sunWaiting for the sunNathan Brusovani (Bar)

The stagnant water of the bog and the grass on the shores are completely still and immovable, and so is the figure of a person waiting for something, maybe for the sun.