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The Artworks of Leonard Shane and 27/12/2010

Leonard Shane - Ships AhoyShips AhoyLeonard Shane

This is a lively colorful acrylic painting of beautiful downtown Vancouver as seen from the famous Stanley Park Seawall. Here I wanted to capture the magic and grandeur of this location which I have often walked. My focus was on playing with bright dynamic colors and creating a sense of the wide o...

Leonard Shane - The Beauty of WinterThe Beauty of WinterLeonard Shane

This painting was intended to be lively and capture the dynamic color that late Fall and Winter possess. I loved creating this image as it allowed me to paint it with the passion I feel when in the presence of the bold colors of this season, just as we transition seasons. The abstract medium is on...

Leonard Shane - Winter JoyWinter JoyLeonard Shane

This painting was created during the holiday season around Christmas and I meant to capture the fun and joy that accompanies this season for all people. Children have an innocence about them and this scene was created with a playful and lively spirit which I felt came through on the canvas. The en...