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The Artworks of Nabakishore Chanda

Nabakishore Chanda - Idyll of questIdyll of questNabakishore Chanda

Idyll of quest(acrylic on canvas,18”x24”,$500):-;---------------------------------------------;The painting elaborates upon the primal moment of mankind’s first transgression, the idyllic beauty of the circumstances could not restrain his quest for knowledge and thus all the faces seem to be upturne...

Nabakishore Chanda - Love with melancholyLove with melancholyNabakishore Chanda

Love with melancholy :(water colour on paper,24'x20',$500);Love here scene touched by a sense of desolation

Nabakishore Chanda - MelancholyMelancholyNabakishore Chanda

Melancholy(acrylic on canvas,24”x18’,$500):-;-------------------------------------------;The faces depicted seem to suggest the inherent melancholy of the experience of a life that is agonizingly brief and our expectations are like hopes pinned on a stricken leaf.

Nabakishore Chanda - Urban Sisyphus Urban Sisyphus Nabakishore Chanda

Urban Sisyphus (acrylic on canvas,30”x24”,$850);—-—-—-—-—-—-—-—-—-—-—-—-—-—-—-;Greek mythology here helps to reflect the urban man struggling upwards with the baggage of illusion, ambition and failure.

Nabakishore Chanda - ExposureExposureNabakishore Chanda

Exposure (Acrylic on canvas,30'x24',$850);The woman's face shows confidence in self and sense of identity et ironically a sense of past fears and indecision makes her shoulders sag. The ambiguity is touching in the portrayal of the woman.

Nabakishore Chanda - Adonis and AphroditeAdonis and AphroditeNabakishore Chanda

Adonis and Aphrodite : (water colour on paper,24'x20',$500) ;The myths of Aphrodite and Adonis underscore the everlastingness of a love that can defy death.

Nabakishore Chanda - The First Ride TogetherThe First Ride TogetherNabakishore Chanda

The First Ride Together:(Acrylic On Canvas,18”x24');-----------------------------------------------------;The first stepping out on an uncertain journey with a newly found love is suggested here in appealing lines.

Nabakishore Chanda - veena Badiniveena BadiniNabakishore Chanda

Veena Badini:(Acrylic on canvas,24'x30',$800);-----------------------------------------------;The mellifluous and gentle presence of Goddess Saraswati with her Veena is suggestive of the beauty of existence.

Nabakishore Chanda - Vortex of ApprehensionVortex of ApprehensionNabakishore Chanda

Vortex of Apprehension:;======================;The whirlpool of complexities of life suck man into dread of what is and what is to be.