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The Artworks of Lucy Arnold

Lucy Arnold - Amazon InsectsAmazon InsectsLucy Arnold

This painting was inspired by a natural history trip I took to the heart of the Amazon Jungle recently.

Lucy Arnold - It-s ComplicatedIt's ComplicatedLucy Arnold

A mysterious winged female figure and a wild, fiery dragon meet in a surreal landscape. Created using digital photo montage techniques, this image is printed on aluminum and is ready to hang on your wall. Can you imagine the story???

Lucy Arnold - Red PetalsRed PetalsLucy Arnold

These few petals contain such a wealth of lush color that I just had to capture them. They become monumental and almost abstracted in this view. Pastels were used, but the color is completely saturated. 24' x 18' prints available.

Lucy Arnold - Bits of FlightBits of FlightLucy Arnold

This watercolor painting depicts many overlapping images of feathers, butterfly wings and insect wings. Each is greatly enlarged, but all are based on actual species. Framed Original is available.

Lucy Arnold - Found TreasuresFound TreasuresLucy Arnold

I found these natural objects while taking a walk in the woods near my home. I wanted to protray the mystery and beauty I felt in these discarded bits and pieces of nature. Theyt are painted very realistically in watercolor on paper. 18' x 12' prints available.

Lucy Arnold - Spa DaysSpa DaysLucy Arnold

Surreal fantasy scene of two stone figures enjoying a dragon-heated pool in outdoor setting. Created using digital photo montage techniques, this image is printed on aluminum. Ready to hang.

Lucy Arnold - Flora-s HolidayFlora's HolidayLucy Arnold

Colorful fantasy scene created using digital photo montage techniques. Printed on amuminum, ready to hang.

Lucy Arnold - Autumn FlamesAutumn FlamesLucy Arnold

This intensely colorful pastel painting is an abstraction based on autumn colors and leaves.