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The Artworks of Leonard Shane

Leonard Shane - Carnations in VaseCarnations in VaseLeonard Shane

In this painting, 'Carnations in Vase', I was overcome with a sense of tranquility which I feel translated to the canvas. It seemed as though the water was allowed to flow with ease on the canvas and these lovely, soft, almost translucent like carnations emerged. Colors gently ran together and a c...

Leonard Shane - Red VaseRed VaseLeonard Shane

This painting was simply great fun to create as I got to work with the most vibrant of colors and exaggerated floral shapes to create a real eye catching piece. It literally fills a room and just draws your total attention to it. Sometimes a piece like this calls out to be created where the artist...

Leonard Shane - The Beauty of WinterThe Beauty of WinterLeonard Shane

This painting was intended to be lively and capture the dynamic color that late Fall and Winter possess. I loved creating this image as it allowed me to paint it with the passion I feel when in the presence of the bold colors of this season, just as we transition seasons. The abstract medium is on...

Leonard Shane - TranquilCoveTranquilCoveLeonard Shane

If you love the West Coast or boating, this picture captures that here and watercolor really lends itself to expressing this. I love the mood that I've created here as people find it calming and relaxing, in fact many of them seem to recognize the exact location of this scene. The reality is, it i...

Leonard Shane - Field of FlowersField of FlowersLeonard Shane

This brightly colored watercolor painting of a field of flowers, oddly enough sat on the shelf half completed for a whole year until one day it just seemed the moment had come to complete it. With a flourish of energy, the colors just flowed from my brush, almost as if the brush new exactly where t...

Leonard Shane - Silent StreamSilent StreamLeonard Shane

This was a fun picture to create because the water never once got to dry during the whole creation of this piece, in fact it just kept moving and creating its own effect throughout the duration. Sometimes it's just fascinating to work with water, keep the canvas continually wet, and allow the mediu...

Leonard Shane - Tuscany FlowersTuscany FlowersLeonard Shane

This is a striking piece as it's watercolor on canvas so it has a refreshing free flowing feel to it as the medium allows the colors to move with ease on its surface. It has a very Van Gogh feel to it and has drawn a lot of positive feedback. I quite enjoyed the freedom this creation allowed me as...

Leonard Shane - Turn of the Century Cariboo ChurchTurn of the Century Cariboo ChurchLeonard Shane

I was captivated by this old time Cariboo church set in British Columbia's interior. Watercolor and pen and ink seemed such a natural medium in which to capture the tranquility and timelessness of this scene. For me as the artist, whenever I look at this painting it has a simplicity and real sense...

Leonard Shane - Bright Red FlowersBright Red FlowersLeonard Shane

This a large, alive, and very dynamic piece that brings any room to life. As much as I love the softness and delicate effects of working with watercolors, there's a side of me, the more wild side I'd say, that needs expression and while I exhibit that in many of my watercolor works, acrylics truly ...

Leonard Shane - Sailboats Off Spanish BanksSailboats Off Spanish BanksLeonard Shane

Here again is another example of a piece where I began with the sky, using multiple washes to create a sense of turbulence, and allowing the watercolor medium itself to help set the mood for this scene. I was captiviated throughout its creation with the power of nature and felt a sense of internal ...