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The Artworks of Jean Chazy

Jean Chazy - 5 verical sculptures5 verical sculpturesJean Chazy

Sculptures original totem , treated in l'attention the specifications wooden of his plasticity , into a will d'en make emerge l'énergie in l'intention of doing emerge l'espace inside and the mass felt physics physically .

Jean Chazy - Tribute to federated from there CommonTribute to federated from there CommonJean Chazy

L’installation presented evokes the massacre dice 1871 in particular l’amoncellement some corpses in cellars the fort d’Issy-les-Moulineaux per l’accumulation on the ground of sanded plates , intertwined and torn , representative faces symbolizing the bodies murdered , without life . It us returns m...

Jean Chazy - space light embossed writesspace light embossed writesJean Chazy

This work is an stake in play work engraved on plate of metal conducted in the years 1995-2000 and a working structured wrapped tubular film stretchable . L'intervention neon allows d'introduire a writing from light negress .

Jean Chazy - StretcherStretcherJean Chazy

work on the concept dice l'absence , memory of the disappearance .

Jean Chazy - Path to palletsPath to palletsJean Chazy

There s'agit d'un working in l'espace public . work on the intention and l'équilibre out from d'éléments industrial . Grand bouquet composite d'éléments pallet of which the destination is the transport commodity . The support becomes the matter even from l'oeuvre . The concept path that cotoie d'arc...

Jean Chazy - -Mur -"Mur "Jean Chazy

this work marks a space giving a position the viewer : Infront , backside , on the coast and always front . The territorialié shall l'un of foundation dice l'oeuvre sculptural . The uncertain or contractual temporality of his presence in the site in fact a work nomadic .

Jean Chazy - axisaxisJean Chazy

Find fountain d'une representation which themselves gives no view word , n'est not easy . We must watch d'où this comes , how , or this go , in which place . It needs decode the symbolic material and from reports tension of which are placed in play . Here he s'agit dice l'hopital dice l'hôtel-Dieu g...

Jean Chazy - Detention space  Transparent Detention space Transparent Jean Chazy

Work public space . brand transformed the perception d'un place . several achieving color ( ruddy , blue , yellow ) have been developed by 2004 , 2005 , 2006 and 2007 .