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The Artworks of Alberto Thirion

Alberto Thirion - den sieg of ones dead women of juarezden sieg of ones dead women of juarezAlberto Thirion

The theme already known every one , was given the most comprehensive advertisement .

Alberto Thirion - the earth christthe earth christAlberto Thirion

Mr tejamen ; of the ancient real of Tejamen , at the been durango , above Mexico .

Alberto Thirion - the sky Blue Tejamenthe sky Blue TejamenAlberto Thirion

Special vocation of artist ; But if the distinction it's fundamental , not it is less connection between these two provisions , the moral and the artistic . These he condition so deeply reciprocal . In effect , it at to model a play the artist he express to whether same to the spot of what their pro...

Alberto Thirion - the cathedral out of  the over  land the cathedral out of the over land Alberto Thirion

Crags of been durango , called the cathedral , for the locals .

Alberto Thirion - The spirit of the timeThe spirit of the timeAlberto Thirion

Lamp jehovah is the spirit ; of man , ; Which scrutinizes so more profun- ; oj of heart . ; PROVERBS 21 / 27

Alberto Thirion - - mr of the Good Death -" mr of the Good Death "Alberto Thirion

It at Crucifix is very miraculous , the locals it you call ' mr of the Good Death ' they which are no tejamen it you they say ' mr tejamen '

Alberto Thirion - the Christ of  mongrel the Christ of mongrel Alberto Thirion

Why every tree he known per ; its fruit ; well not it harvested figs ; of the hawthorns , neither of ones brambles he ; gather grapes . ST LUKE 6 / 45