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The Artworks of Katrina Sjoberg

Katrina Sjoberg - Hidden ChaosHidden ChaosKatrina Sjoberg

A very tragic school event inspired this image. The subconscious mind is represented by the dark in the middle, the spiral quilting represents the chaos in that mind. Black wooden beads are the tears by the families and friends of the victims.

Katrina Sjoberg - Eastern CastleEastern CastleKatrina Sjoberg

This image came from a vision early one morning. I saw a floating castle surrounded by a circle and fiery flames shooting out around the castle. I used batiks because of their unique quality, added fused pieces, a ribbon and beads for texture. The color combination of the sky and the flames is very ...

Katrina Sjoberg - Tuscan Birdbath SOLDTuscan Birdbath SOLDKatrina Sjoberg

This is a colorwash technique where lights and darks provide a wonderful contrast in the overall design. The birds are hand appliqued to the surface and the quilts is machine embroidered around the edges.

Katrina Sjoberg - Beads N- WhiskersBeads N' WhiskersKatrina Sjoberg

A lovely abstract in soft colors, yet bold statement with a focal point. Multiple yarns and ribbons were used to surface stitch the seams and many beads were hand sewn to various surfaces creating wonderful textures.

Katrina Sjoberg - My Lady In Red ArmchairMy Lady In Red ArmchairKatrina Sjoberg

Picasso is one of my all-time favorite artists so here's my version of his Lady In Red Armchair.

Katrina Sjoberg - Fire and IceFire and IceKatrina Sjoberg

Handpainted fabric with free-form machine stitching, machine embroidery, fusing rayons, commercial cottons, tulles

Katrina Sjoberg - Tree Of Life Tree Of Life Katrina Sjoberg

The triptych consists of Tree of Life, Winds of Change and Fields of Gold mini panels. They're already mounted on grey matboard and can be further displayed in shadowboxes alone or together.

Katrina Sjoberg - Dawn Of A New DayDawn Of A New DayKatrina Sjoberg

An image inspired by the Writings of Baha'u'llah, prophet and founder of the Baha'i Faith. The color crimson (purple) is significant referring to the Crimson Ark found in some of the Baha'i scriptures. This art quilt has a soft and gentle feel to it, with the Ocean of Knowledge below the Sun on th...

Katrina Sjoberg - Steps To EnlightenmentSteps To EnlightenmentKatrina Sjoberg

This is one of the drawings that came to me one early morning. I have spent most of my life looking for the path to an enlightened life so the name came easily to me. The Sun and rays represent the Source of enlightenment , the river is the river of knowledge that flows from the Source, the trees ...