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The Artworks of Tom Lund-Lack

Tom Lund-Lack - Rush HourRush HourTom Lund-Lack

Hot African sunset and the a herd of Widebeest jamming themselves down a gully to cross a river. The paitning is also a dig at the morning rush to work, trying to sqaush ourselves down the Metro staris!

Tom Lund-Lack - Winter Sunrise Cromer NorfolkWinter Sunrise Cromer NorfolkTom Lund-Lack

This piece is all about the beautiful coast of north Norfolk, looking east towards Cromer. This coastline is very vunerable to erosion especially during winter storms. In this painting the north sea is looking quite benign!

Tom Lund-Lack - Trois AmisTrois AmisTom Lund-Lack

I have based this painting on a feeling of pure romance; for the landscape and the figures between whom I intended there to be a dialogue. The setting is drawn from a compilation of memories of France and warm summer days and is quite definately a moment I would have liked to have experienced!;The p...

Tom Lund-Lack - Fantasy of Lady LuckFantasy of Lady LuckTom Lund-Lack

A gentle satirical prod at the fantasies, dreams or delusions of an inveterate gambler is the aim of this piece. The photograph was taken before a resin coat was applied which will give it great optical depth but will make it an impossible thing to photo. The work combines, oil painting, collage and...