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The Artworks of Tom Lund-Lack

Tom Lund-Lack - 2 Alone2 AloneTom Lund-Lack

Huge landscape, sky and beach, and a touch of romance are the foundation of this painting.

Tom Lund-Lack - Autumn GoldAutumn GoldTom Lund-Lack

The colours of an autumn wood with perhaps a slightly sinister undertone

Tom Lund-Lack - Racing Colours 3Racing Colours 3Tom Lund-Lack

Contemporary racing painting painting was using thick applications of oil paint to bring out the drama, colour and excitiment of racing.

Tom Lund-Lack - On a Lonely ShoreOn a Lonely ShoreTom Lund-Lack

Lonely shoreline with only seagulls for company, great for thoughtful walks with a wet dog! Much of the coast here in East Anglia, Norfolk, Suffolk & Essex is like this.

Tom Lund-Lack - Running HareRunning HareTom Lund-Lack

The Hare, a part of British wildlife, rare generally but fairly common in East Anglia where I live.Speed and exceptional agility are potrayed in this piece.

Tom Lund-Lack - A Place I KnowA Place I KnowTom Lund-Lack

This painting is drawm from memor and somehow it grew out of the paint! It is vaguely based on a coastal village in East Anglia, probably Norfolk. Given the colours it has an older, less contemporary feel about it all this gives rise to the title.

Tom Lund-Lack - Scuderia Ferrari 2008Scuderia Ferrari 2008Tom Lund-Lack

I could not resist the temptation to paint this very powerful image of a Ferrari, to let rip with the red (well actually cadmium red, a cadmium yellow and another colour to get close to the Ferrari colour) just had to be done. The Scuderia Ferrari F2008 is the fifty fourth single-seater built by the...