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The Artworks of Rosy- Line

Rosy- Line - A hawthorn of sadnessA hawthorn of sadnessRosy- Line

'A thorn dawn of sorrow'
Perle, a rose in bloom,
A drop of honey,
Streams in the sky,
A hint of sweetness.

Rosy- Line - A bit of thrush on her tongueA bit of thrush on her tongueRosy- Line

A bit of thrush on her tongue.
Isabella, the beautiful does not know what to say?

Rosy- Line - Doutoudou .Doutoudou .Rosy- Line

Nursery rhyme with the letter D . ; Doutoudou the dragon the softer of doudoux , the dance ' security blanket ' ! ; Waddled with his friend Trèsgrododo .

Rosy- Line - Hirondella and the pack presentsHirondella and the pack presentsRosy- Line

Following l'histoire . . . ' The kingdom of dentartenciels ' . ; Months passed . . . . . When any sudden by one nice day d'été , Hirondella appeared in a blue sky AZUR . ; She held in its beak a beautiful pack gift .

Rosy- Line - Coos the messenger village Toutenbonbon .Coos the messenger village Toutenbonbon .Rosy- Line

In the country of the dream gentle ; Coos the messenger village Toutenbonbon is in way to bring good news to three little goblins who lives has l'orée from there GRANDE forest Bread d'épice . . . . . . . . . .

Rosy- Line - Singing chalicesSinging chalicesRosy- Line

Song chalices
The delights of a gathering.
In a basket of flowers.
A garden to the tender,
flourishes in the blue,
an open sky.
This star shells all wise
and intertwines a very rabble coral.
We perfuming the sweetest oceans.

Rosy- Line - A wish for joyA wish for joyRosy- Line

Her wand, she turned her wish in a 'bonfire'.
'From his pen finger, he flashed his heart with his soft greens soie.Elle in joy, it was all excitement, emotion!'

Rosy- Line - Rogue crocodile greedy .Rogue crocodile greedy .Rosy- Line

Rogue crocodile greedy . ; Hidden behind a cactus , Rogue crocodile greedy crunch carrots . Croque ! Croque ! ; Small nursery rhyme children with the letter That .