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The Artworks of Nazzi Art Gallery and of style Art and containing the word language"

Nazzi Art Gallery - Silk threadsSilk threadsNazzi Art Gallery

A Silk Veil to Keep the Peace! ;Silk is not a fabric it is World .... it is Journy from the confines of the land of the Riusing Sun to the Ports of the West.

Nazzi Art Gallery - ConcordantConcordantNazzi Art Gallery

The colors of the rainbow so pretty in the sky;Are also on the faces of people going by;I see friends shaking hands saying how do you do;They're really saying I love you !

Nazzi Art Gallery - Moulin RougeMoulin RougeNazzi Art Gallery

The moon has become a dancer;at this festival of love.;This dance of light,;This sacred blessing,...;This divine love,;beckons us;to a world beyond;only lovers can see;with their eyes of fiery passion;by Rumi

Nazzi Art Gallery - EnlightenmentEnlightenmentNazzi Art Gallery

Title :Enlightenment ;What this painting says to me is that when peaple of different culiures ,( people who wear different hats )come togther,one on one, The lights come On.( ie, their likness is illuminated and differences fade away with the darkness). by Ann Young ;روزها فكر من اين است و همه شب سخ...