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The Artworks of Mirit Ben-Nun and of style Dye

Mirit Ben-Nun - Tourism israel sessions art for groups Mirit Ben-NunTourism israel sessions art for groups Mirit Ben-NunMirit Ben-Nun

Mirit Ben-Nun uses the lines and the points as a resource expressive and does exploding it at maximum their nuances and partnerships . Some forms follow the same direction and other they change it constantly , even urgently . His language is visual and independent of its expressiveness , resides at ...

Mirit Ben-Nun - israel walks modern art tour group study of mirit Ben-Nunisrael walks modern art tour group study of mirit Ben-NunMirit Ben-Nun

Point . Two points . . . Points . . . mirit ben nun ; When aboriginal painting ( of australian aboriginal tribes ) was revealed to the west , in the years 70' the last century , injected a new adrenaline into modern painting and was quickly accepted , not only as legitimate but also as influential a...

Mirit Ben-Nun - travel residence contemporary artists mirit Ben-Nuntravel residence contemporary artists mirit Ben-NunMirit Ben-Nun

mirit ben nun : Paint out of fees ; mirit ben nun's painting escapes common definitions . On the one hand , objective observation would define it as contemporary pictorial art , currently created by a young and effervescent artist . On the other hand , characteristics are absent in his art ' contemp...