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The Artworks of Mike Ebrahimi

Mike Ebrahimi - -Necessity-"Necessity"Mike Ebrahimi

This painting was made in 1993 when Ebrahimi was 16-years-old. The piece represents the everyday struggles men and women alike faced to stay alive prior to industrialization and modernization.

Mike Ebrahimi - -The Red Sea-"The Red Sea"Mike Ebrahimi

This piece was created with acrylic paint on canvas, combining multiple textures, including black lava, course pumice gel, garnet gel, and molding paste. Painted in 2003, this piece is a representation of Ebrahimi’s version of the historic Red Sea.

Mike Ebrahimi - -Nature vs. Nurture-"Nature vs. Nurture"Mike Ebrahimi

This painting was created in 2006. Having extensively learned about the various arguments of nature versus nurture, Ebrahimi always believed that the two should not be separated, as they really work hand-in-hand in many ways. This painting is Ebrahimi’s representation of this philosophy.

Mike Ebrahimi - -Wall Street-"Wall Street"Mike Ebrahimi

This piece was created in 2005 and was made with spray paint and acrylic paint on canvas. It is Mike Ebrahimi’s representation of the stock market, and the way in which it can make or break a person financially overnight.

Mike Ebrahimi - -Humanity-"Humanity"Mike Ebrahimi

This piece was created in 2001 upon Mike Ebrahimi's return from a trip across Israel, The Netherlands, London, Belgium, and Greece. He realized that regardless of the country, the culture, the language, or the people, humanity all across the world is the same in many ways. And the same similaritie...

Mike Ebrahimi - -Enchantment-"Enchantment"Mike Ebrahimi

This piece, which combines acrylic paint with molding paste, is Ebrahimi’s most recent painting. The picture is of his close friend, who he has known for several years. Ebrahimi has always been impressed with the beauty and grace of his friend, and therefore decided to create a painting that captu...

Mike Ebrahimi - -Broken Dreams-"Broken Dreams"Mike Ebrahimi

This painting was created in 2001, months after the dot com boom ended and the stock market came tumbling down. Ebrahimi, who was very heavily invested in the market at the time, lost a great deal of money in a short period of time. He painted “Broken Dreams” one month after he sold the last stock...

Mike Ebrahimi - -Desert Journey-"Desert Journey"Mike Ebrahimi

This piece was created in 2005, using techniques Ebrahimi had never used in the past. The perfect balance of vibrant natural colors makes this painting extremely pleasing to view. Those who have seen the painting have expressed the tendency to get lost in the painting for extended periods of time....

Mike Ebrahimi - -Reassurance-"Reassurance"Mike Ebrahimi

This piece was created in 1993 at the age of 16. This painting, which was originally called “Inexplicable Pain,” excited a unique emotion in Mike Ebrahimi. He was drawn to this piece when flipping through a book of ocean paintings, and felt sadness when looking at it. Once the piece was complete ...