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The Artworks of Les Couleurs Du Printemps

Les Couleurs Du Printemps - window on opened  out of  out a  Spring window on opened out of out a Spring Les Couleurs Du Printemps

the spring opens hearts , and we invites to go look at the flowers its colorful , this painting invites us to open her heart and express its beautiful feelings happiness

Les Couleurs Du Printemps - Violets out of  orange Violets out of orange Les Couleurs Du Printemps

of my bottom of joy and gaiety spring of flowers violets in number up like fruit d'une wisdom m'a led to me to tell aujourd'hui that whatever the living , my is my capital joy of living .

Les Couleurs Du Printemps - traveled traveledtraveled traveledLes Couleurs Du Printemps

I travel in my thoughts , my soul and space interior , seeking to contemplate my real depths , ; examine ego , the peaks of my projects that , ; seeking to me connect ; at a travel more deep , ; the one who n'a never started ; and qu'il must embark , ; verses l'éternité ; and who , during the trip ;...