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The Artworks of La Galerie De Rosiane Priam

La Galerie De Rosiane Priam - PRIMARYPRIMARYLa Galerie De Rosiane Priam

Work created with the primary on a very fine linen. I went red, blue and yellow with the addition of tasks, shapes ... Finally, I added two or three black keys to give some depth. A second constraint, avoid drawing, painting work only, which was not the easiest!

La Galerie De Rosiane Priam - THE GIRL IN CHIGNONTHE GIRL IN CHIGNONLa Galerie De Rosiane Priam

She arrived alone while, I struggled for hours on a portrait of a mature woman. I wanted to get away from this portrait that does not satisfy me. I took a book of Klimt and I came across a drawing of a girl that I found very beautiful. I closed the book, took a painting with a colorful background an...

La Galerie De Rosiane Priam - HERMITAGEHERMITAGELa Galerie De Rosiane Priam

Table born after laminated a book on contemporary painter Yves Brayer (1907-1990). I picked one of his paintings entitled 'Siena' from 1955. It showed the city and its basilica. I copied the table my way but it was not me. I could not be happy with what I reproduisais. As much as I could walk around...