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The Artworks of Dorveaux Marie and of media Acralic On Canvas

Dorveaux Marie - doll circus : AVIATORdoll circus : AVIATORDorveaux Marie

series them on ' dolls circus ' , AVIATOR at the eyes pelican and look the viewer face up in him posing the question : Humane as fais-tu of our planet ?

Dorveaux Marie - -Le time d-une living -"Le time d'une living "Dorveaux Marie

Workart listed on artprice , sold for auction by 2014 , them for caregivers from aged . At l'initiative of the rotary club of var , sale s'est golf course land White at Tourrettes ( 83 ) . ; The format shall 50x50 cm rotund .

Dorveaux Marie - The scream : pelica- maleThe scream : pelica- maleDorveaux Marie

The 'homme and l'animal : the only common point n'est-il not only those 2 beings live on the same planet ? ; Difficulty coexist l'un most important l'autre .

Dorveaux Marie - look me  place in  The  eyes look me place in The eyes Dorveaux Marie

One will psychological themselves manifest in a look mi-humain , mid animal that

Dorveaux Marie - The Lamb from  on Easter  1  The Lamb from on Easter 1 Dorveaux Marie

D'après l'oeuvre from rubens : ' The holy family with sainte anne ' . Theme of the transmission , religion , the weight from there tradition , into the path of thought .

Dorveaux Marie - the Rabbit it is  me the Rabbit it is me Dorveaux Marie

the rabbit c'est me is a wink d'oeil at l'oeuvre flaubert : ' madame bovary c'est ego ' a novel who has l'époque seemed outrageous so qu'aujourd 'hui l'histoire seems shock nobody . gustave flaubert has been convicted for publishing this book . ; This example to say that every age possessed its own ...

Dorveaux Marie - the maskthe maskDorveaux Marie

Theme mystic , from there curse and one belief the origins dice l'Homme , with the pagan mask , this artwork doa break between the works previous and those to come . ' Circus dolls ' are in l'instant T , frozen in a this eternal . Handmade is asked but do not it no moves no , she has the power d'enl...