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The Artworks of Nathan Brusovani Bar and of style Воображение

Nathan Brusovani (Bar) - Elusive imageElusive imageNathan Brusovani (Bar)

It is an attempt to capture something intangible and vague that hides between movement and stillness.

Nathan Brusovani (Bar) - Temporary dwellingTemporary dwellingNathan Brusovani (Bar)

The human dwelling is like a theater, like acting behind the misted windows with the temporary scenery on the background.

Nathan Brusovani (Bar) - Dancing on the edgeDancing on the edgeNathan Brusovani (Bar)

The dancing figure of my brother, an artist, was photographed on the edge of a sea-shore in the end of 1970s; it symbolizes the age of hopes and bright beginnings in the life of the young artist at that time.

Nathan Brusovani (Bar) - Unbearable softness of the eyeUnbearable softness of the eyeNathan Brusovani (Bar)

An unbearably soft eye is hiding behind the black and white web of sharp piercing lines. The contrasting edge of the mask recoils from the intolerable gaze.

Nathan Brusovani (Bar) - The last drop of black and whiteThe last drop of black and whiteNathan Brusovani (Bar)

This is the last drop of black and white situation that expresses a desire to shrink and stand still trying to retain the weakening strengths.

Nathan Brusovani (Bar) - Lonely walkerLonely walkerNathan Brusovani (Bar)

The photomontage of several negatives – a lonely walker in the public park and a mass of trees along the two sides of a road – was conducted in the former Soviet Union at the end of 1970s.

Nathan Brusovani (Bar) - A figure running through the digital forestA figure running through the digital forestNathan Brusovani (Bar)

This run in the forest or rather through the trees is an attempt either to break away from the environment or to melt into it.

Nathan Brusovani (Bar) - Child sleeping in the wrapping of black and brown autumn leavesChild sleeping in the wrapping of black and brown autumn leavesNathan Brusovani (Bar)

In the air of eternal tranquility, the baby is fast asleep under the black and yellow withered autumn leaves, while their sharp contours emphasize the child’s helplessness.