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The Artworks of Martijn Limburg

Martijn Limburg - Rue de la Sulpice en ParisRue de la Sulpice en ParisMartijn Limburg

One of the most known places in Paris ''Eglise de la Sulpice', next to it you find la Rue. This impression has been made after a visit in 2006.

Martijn Limburg - Winter view on Town of Venlo in 17th century Winter view on Town of Venlo in 17th century Martijn Limburg

Impressionistic winter view on Town of Venlo in 17th century (actual Dutch town in south of the Netherlands). ;This impression of Venlo has been donated to our friends Monique and Michel Perdrau living in Tartigny Nord de France.

Martijn Limburg - Lumière d-Hiver insertLumière d'Hiver insertMartijn Limburg

SEE DUTCH TEXT BELOW:;'' Lumière d'Hiver'' is in fact an image in which a protest is expressed. This impressionistic performance shows a beautiful young woman being seen, which gently enters into and exploring the wonderful world of the collector. Nowadays, often referred to as junk maker. The image...

Martijn Limburg - BellefleursBellefleursMartijn Limburg

'BelleFleurs' as the two elevator towers of the former coalmine of Houthalen be called by the locals of this Belgian Kempen area. (Dutch version behind);This painting gives an impression of the two towers,-seen from some distance-, the wooded hills misty and vague, very characteristic landscape. A...