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The Artworks of Jacques Fontan

Jacques Fontan - side street on Prince  Arthur at  The Montreal side street on Prince Arthur at The Montreal Jacques Fontan

A of my favorite places for color . Right next square st louis . ; Oil knife .

Jacques Fontan - ARCACHON - pereire beachARCACHON - pereire beachJacques Fontan

Basin d'Arcachon bathed this beautiful sandy beach white pine grove . ; Oil knife .

Jacques Fontan - St-Jean luzSt-Jean luzJacques Fontan

By completion 2008 j'ai taken many pictures by St-Jean luz . Of some , j'ai do some paints . ; This port , oil knife on canvas 15F has been made in workshop d'après one from my pictures . C'est an interpretive !

Jacques Fontan - Morning d-orage .Morning d'orage .Jacques Fontan

10 Pm du morning , par the window that overlooks les rooftops of there ville d'hiver , the sky s'assombrit , les pine s'agitent , entered les clouds black a few sun rays light the nature . Then , the scenery beneath les eyes , i saw with colors knife the show . . . . Voilà l'histoire of this peintin...

Jacques Fontan - Indian summer in the CharlevoixIndian summer in the CharlevoixJacques Fontan

on october 2002 , chance at d'admirer the famous indian summer canadian . In the Charlevoix , apart from the villages typical features , the farms , of large expanses wooded rolling s'offrent the wondering gaze tourist . The artist born discovers and retains qu'une fairy colours . Income La france ,...

Jacques Fontan - Bridge over baise at NERACBridge over baise at NERACJacques Fontan

C'est here l'un bridges nerac . ( This bridge at d'ailleurs was presented by a artists T . E . L ) ; Made in 2OO3 , in workshop d'après and sketches pictures . ; Nerac is an pretty historic city owing Lot-et-Garonne which s'est developed on the Baise . Very touristic , the subjects of paint n'y miss...