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The Artworks of Jacques Fontan

Jacques Fontan - NosegayNosegayJacques Fontan

A birthday , a bouquet . . . . A painting on the pattern . ; Oil knife .

Jacques Fontan - At Ste-AnneAt Ste-AnneJacques Fontan

in quebec , One house preserved by l'esprit dice l'époque . You there lives fine , at l'aise at center d'un grove and surrounded by fields .

Jacques Fontan - At PodensacAt PodensacJacques Fontan

For d'un contest of painting in the st , j'ai doa oil this place . ; Then , d'après my oiled , j'ai realized this watercolor

Jacques Fontan - FallFallJacques Fontan

According to a document. Interpretation of an autumn landscape, 'old stones'.
Oil on canvas with a knife 10F

Jacques Fontan - Corsican CB4te ....Corsican CB4te ....Jacques Fontan

This is a paper knife huileau rA9alisA9e in 2O13
aprA8s of photo paper from my daughter.

Jacques Fontan - Close to SaguenayClose to SaguenayJacques Fontan

We went see the whales owing St-Laurent to tadousac . A few 50km front , along the shore of the river , the landscape , the colours m'ont encouraged to perform this painting , in france , attempt from memory . Aimez-vous ?

Jacques Fontan - Day mothers Day mothers Jacques Fontan

Day mothers . The children have free this bouquet to their mother , the father painted these flowers . ; That themselves going in the s 2000 in quebec , at The montreal . ; Paint knife , d'après nature the , in a apartment .

Jacques Fontan - La Roque GageacLa Roque GageacJacques Fontan

Gardens of Marqueyssac neighboring village, 139m above the Dordogne, La Roque Gageac I see this view and motivates me to do a new painting.
This tabkleau 15 F, oil knife is displayed in my living room.
Every day I relive my last holiday in the Dordogne.

Jacques Fontan - Prunus in bloomPrunus in bloomJacques Fontan

Verses 17h at Merignac , a sky nuageurx , a few sun rays illuminating a corner of house , and , on the coast , a prunus in bloom themselves detaches on the foliage dark d'un coniferous . This scene has been painted on the pattern . Late d'hiver .

Jacques Fontan - The montreal given the Mont-RoyalThe montreal given the Mont-RoyalJacques Fontan

On october 2006 , one morning , the beginnings dice l'automne . Of upper owing Mont-Royal this ' gaze ' on montreal m'a liked a lot . J'ai sought l'endroit suitable , j'ai fired pictures and behold the profit made Bordeaux beginning in these pictures . Oil knife .