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The Artworks of Freddy Blackberry

Freddy Blackberry - Soul Sister Soul Sister Freddy Blackberry

' The souls nuns ' is an workart unique in , i can m'en to inspire a new command . . . if demand !

Freddy Blackberry - BACCHUS (bronze able 1/8) portrait of demigodBACCHUS (bronze able 1/8) portrait of demigodFreddy Blackberry

The rebirth of BACCHUS ... (beyond sore)
modeling, sculpture and finishing: freddy BLACKBERRY
Photo: Gerard BRACK
Workshop Hare (foundry)

Freddy Blackberry - FELINEFELINEFreddy Blackberry

this creation is the fruit d'un international travel and d'une magical encounter , ( while waiting my plane . . destination rome , florence and ravenna ) a future finally available and full promises . . ; c'est the initial i time present my graphics achievements . . ; thank you for your encouragemen...

Freddy Blackberry - The warrior and the MAORI HAKA ritual (New Zealand) could BronzeThe warrior and the MAORI HAKA ritual (New Zealand) could BronzeFreddy Blackberry

sculpture / modeling and finishing freddy BLACKBERRY
Photo: Gerard BRACK
ethnic study: Margaux OF SOLA
dedication: to everyone who helped me believe that dreams are star seeds to germinate ..

Freddy Blackberry - LAASKA the Minotaur (figurine) couldLAASKA the Minotaur (figurine) couldFreddy Blackberry

LAASKA the Minotaur
free speech on the origin of the mythological being and treated
in the confessional statement of the abbey of Bouzonville.
Selected for the Swiss world implementation Festival - Montreux Swiss Expo 2011 Figurine
thanks to mr priest of the abbey Lucien Laurent ...

Freddy Blackberry - confession or possession of Fortuno (the satyr). (Pu)confession or possession of Fortuno (the satyr). (Pu)Freddy Blackberry

'Sorry and you will be forgiven'
Fortuno 3rd world prices of the model (self-expression category)
MONS 2011. Belgium.
sculpting sculpture finish: Freddy Blackberry
Photo: Mathieu Rousseau
Painting: Raphael Vasseur
Calligraphy packaging: Malika Boustol and Sabrina Santag...