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The Artworks of Emilia Milcheva

Emilia Milcheva - ROSE ROMANCEROSE ROMANCEEmilia Milcheva

This original painting is done in oils on stretched cotton canvas. Canvas is gallery wrapped. Size 60x60cm. Depth 2 cm. The sides are painted so the painting could be hang as it is without a frame if preferred. The painting comes unframed. It will be sent safely packed withing 4 working days after t...

Emilia Milcheva - MY LAND #1MY LAND #1Emilia Milcheva

I feel quite attached to the land. Sometimes I even feel that I have roots and I am absorbing power from its deepest womb. Being my first love and my biggest inspiration the land is feeding not only my body but also my palette and my imagination. This painting of mine is about the generosity of the ...

Emilia Milcheva - TREE STORIES #1TREE STORIES #1Emilia Milcheva

I am practically in love with every tree. They are so beautiful in my eyes. ;So beautiful in their various stages of metamorphosis. So beautiful in their dramatically changing conditions and moods. So beautiful that they became my favorite subject to paint. I love the energy that I feel around them,...

Emilia Milcheva - Homage to Monet, The Seine near Giverny, original oil painting 70x50cmHomage to Monet, The Seine near Giverny, original oil painting 70x50cmEmilia Milcheva

I have always been fascinated by the impressionist’s paintings. I strongly believe that the Impressionism is one of the highest achievements of the human genius. All these great men called Impressionists were chasing the nature's breathing, the living moment, the shimmering light, the beauty of the ...