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The Artworks of Amiot Bernard and of style Импрессионизм

Amiot Bernard - Vosges , just before mistVosges , just before mistAmiot Bernard

Year 2017 ; Painting has l'huile on the pattern to l'heure or forest green begins in themselves plaster fog , and qu'à every turn path , the discovery d'un new garden of mystery . . . Just , enjoy the last ray of sun from paper the floor here and yonder d'une pellet of color .

Amiot Bernard - Small path at - Fot-Bihan -Small path at " Fot-Bihan "Amiot Bernard

Year 2017 ; Browse paths inland dice ' Britain ' , there discover some old abandoned houses and unfold the easel for a moment to with fun . . . ! Small work from memory to capture a short moment a light . ; And one painting has l'huile on the executed pattern knife when the sun illuminated a small c...

Amiot Bernard - Walk CourancesWalk CourancesAmiot Bernard

Year 2018 ; Landscape made d'après to numerous sketch on the motif . My choice s'est arrested on a division in three parts for giving such d'importance between this magnificent castle a park grand and her blueprint d'eau majestic represents here qu'en small parts . ; In workshop , round different sk...