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The Artworks of Alain Faure

Alain Faure - meditationmeditationAlain Faure

MEDITATION ; acralic on canvas : 100 x 81 ; The theme orientalist of this canvas evokes ' thought d'un new start ' . ; Of style figurative , this artwork go search his harmony through music notes and of brought represented by to technique l'abstraction . A compromise ideal to approach the painting e...

Alain Faure - the Beachthe BeachAlain Faure

THE BEACH ; acralic on canvas : 116 x 89 ; They have posed their sheet bath on the sand hot , spread a little d'ambre solar on l'intégralité of their body , they dreamed of months , this fois… They there are . Stylish and very casual , they guess ever qu'elles are going spark here or there some jeal...

Alain Faure - AVIGNONAVIGNONAlain Faure

AVIGNON ; acralic on canvas : 80 x 80 ( workart sold ) ; C'est passing along the rhône and regardless the shore borrowed , as l'on can easily themselves seduced by to resplendent city popes . When on sun sends its last rays oranges and hot on the stone the main monuments , then fairy lights happens ...


ROMANCE SOLOGNOTE ; acralic on canvas : 80 x 60 ; He is of places in nature wherein l’instant seem already experienced , wherein l’écoute room singing of birds and leaves rustling we rise to a ideal chimerical or simply carry us has the affair . Wilderness and quiet sologne invites to the discovery ...


BRIDGE GARD ; acralic on canvas : 80 x 60 ; C'est out a rendez-vous with l'histoire , but also with the architectural beauty as part gorgeous the valley gardon . Color the stone amplified l'étonnante harmony this accomplishment d'art with his environment and for s'en convince , just navigate by cano...

Alain Faure - VeniceVeniceAlain Faure

VENICE ; acralic on canvas : 81 x 60 ; Major destination when l’on wish visiting l’Italie or merely s’émerveiller dice l’ambiance of this single city to world . He is even a recommended game for the discovery the city , that of be lost . Venice called « the serenissima » where every corner of prague...

Alain Faure - DecemberDecemberAlain Faure

DECEMBER ; acralic on canvas : 80 x 60 ; With l’apparition raw snow , this end d’automne already anticipated the period winter and the choice d’une walkway along the channel remained the only opportunity to enjoy the tenderness the last rays d’un twilight descending . The beautiful light lost gradua...

Alain Faure - destiny from  Sea in destiny from Sea in Alain Faure

DESTINY SEA ; acralic on canvas : 80 x 40 ; L’évocation of theworld in painting requires a cautious analysis , both pose questions linked at a ideal landscape in search the picturesque , the fantastic or the realizm . Au-delà of this will to transmitting a real emotion , he is primary d’aimer the se...

Alain Faure - LAURIERS of the  lake in LAURIERS of the lake in Alain Faure

LAURIERS FROM LAKE ; acralic on canvas : 81 x 60 ; In it sunday d’été the temperature room has earned on l’envie crazy woman few boating party d’aller row across lake quiet and inundated of sun . Hats straw and others sunshades n’auront did not have reason radiation of this heat became stifling . Le...

Alain Faure - Fishermen-s HousesFishermen's HousesAlain Faure

FISHERMEN'S HOUSES ; Acryl on Toile  : 80 x 60 ; This climbing wall to admire the sea unleashed , i stay behind of waves which come harass the dam the boulders breakers . In balance and dominating this decor tormented , i watch dice l'autre side of yonder presqu'île where the fishermen's houses are ...