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The Artworks of Vladimir Silenko

Vladimir Silenko - Longissimus dies sito conditurLongissimus dies sito conditurVladimir Silenko

Lat. saying: And the longest day has an end.
Work on this pattern continued for seven years, with long intervals. However, it is now complete. The idea of ​​painting - to show through figurative and symbolic number for a time, its irreversibility. The key role played by one of the figures of th...

Vladimir Silenko - Mosaic del  of light  and  shadow Mosaic del of light and shadow Vladimir Silenko

charovatelnaya girl walking in the nude as in the woods .

Vladimir Silenko - Shen - ring and Omega. Portrait SenusertShen - ring and Omega. Portrait SenusertVladimir Silenko

The value of this symbol can be expressed through the concept of eternity, of all things, boundaries and content of all the created world. Are of great importance and its protective properties: it separates that it consisted, from the surrounding chaos.

Vladimir Silenko - Venice MMXXIIVenice MMXXIIVladimir Silenko

Venice - this amazing city. You go out for a walk early in the morning, when the city was still asleep. This calm fascinates and attracts. To this you can watch forever ...

Vladimir Silenko - View to the EastView to the EastVladimir Silenko

If you want to think about something, sit down in front of the picture, look into the distance and you will see how quickly you can find the answer to any of your questions.

Vladimir Silenko - Red poppiesRed poppiesVladimir Silenko

This picture will take you to the days when you walk on the nature, smell the grass, tore wild flowers to give joy to someone from relatives.

Vladimir Silenko - Chess queen.Chess queen.Vladimir Silenko

Chess queen is known to the most dangerous figure. But nobody knows her other hand, which opens in this picture.

Vladimir Silenko - Water and windmillsWater and windmillsVladimir Silenko

Mill since ancient times is considered a symbol of fertility and abundance. This picture is desirable to hang in the living room.