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The Artworks of Redha Chikh Bled

Redha Chikh Bled - SHINTOSHINTORedha Chikh Bled

Tribute to grand master morishiba out and my professor Louali which m'a taught Art as martial karate and Shinto ( The lane katana sword ) Disciplined which m’a allowed to expand l’amour dice l’Art pictural , around the spirituality and wisdom . L'œuvre represents the master in position Za zen and th...

Redha Chikh Bled - THE MAN of the  silence of THE MAN of the silence of Redha Chikh Bled

the touareg are designated usually by on nickname , ‘’les Men Bleus’’ . But are nicknamed also Knights desert or the men of silence . ; J’ai chose this title because backside celui-ci exist a philosophy deep , the courage , from there generosity , from there constancy them in hardship in this enormo...

Redha Chikh Bled - NobilityNobilityRedha Chikh Bled

nobility of the horse s'inscrit with its riders . L'Oeuvre has the shape d'un C . Equine . Horseman . Knight

Redha Chikh Bled - The fishermen-s returnThe fishermen's returnRedha Chikh Bled

The sea big blue is the immense my second mother . C'est in her as j'ai acquired to swim to breathe his perfume learn l'école of men . All small j'assistais return fishermen in summer company my father . C'était of men who could give serious poor and smiled at l'orphelin .